Titanfall is an online FPS game featuring heavy machines you are to control
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Titanfall is an online multiplayer-only game where you fight in a futuristic world with the help of heavy machines.
Unlike most of the first person shooters (FPS), Titanfall requires you to master two gameplay styles:
The first possibility is to fight on the ground with your soldier. Before that you start playing, you are offered to select the skin, and the weapons of your soldier, as well as some perks. Choose wisely as you will not be able to change these settings during a round. Playing as a soldier is all about not being noticed by the enemy players. For this, you can either use a sniper in a remote location, or use a short-range weapon like the (too) powerful autopistol, which is very efficient if you can sneak near your enemies without being spotted.

Nevertheless, fighting with your soldier is not the only possibility. When your Titan is ready, you can make it land near you, and then enter into it. Playing in a Titan is very different, as being discreet with such a bulky machine is impossible. Controlling it is straightforward, yet using it efficiently against your enemies is not, because they also have titans, and enemy pilots can mount on your Titan and try to damage its circuits.

If you like jumping right in the action, you will most likely find Titanfall to your taste. However, if you like playing alone, or discovering a story, then Titanfall will deceive you, as the multiplayer-only campaign is flat, short, and boring.

John Static
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  • Fast-paced
  • Many game modes
  • Titans bring in a new gaming dimension


  • No single-player mode
  • Campaigns are short and dull
  • Unbalanced autopistol
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